• OCT,  B.Ed., E-RYT 500

  • Birth Medicine Woman

  • Lightworker and Grid Worker

  • Thai Massage Master

  • Myofascial Release

  • Massage Therapist

  • Shamanic Healer 

  • Inferno Hot Pilates 

  • Core Pilates & Personal Trainer

  • Life Coach

  • Yoga Instructor

  • Meditation and NLP Coach

  • Sound Healer/Reiki Master

  • Pre/Post-Natal Doula

  • Former French & Special Education Teacher, Ontario



Passionate Purpose

​Monica is passionate about empowering people with remedies to heal, strengthen and manage pain through breath practices, movement, meditation and sacred medicines. She is dedicated to creating safe healing spaces for sharing stories, yoga, pilates, and vibrational energy healing to rise above trauma and spark joyful, abundant living! 

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Hi fellow Seeker! 


Welcome to GAMA Pilates & Yoga Center! It is exciting to share with you the essence of who I am and I am excited to meet you and help you uncover yours! I have two names, my birth certificate says Monica Watson. The Universe gave me Monica Sparking River. 


My Mission!


In 2016 I set out on a mission to create a sanctuary, a dedicated safe healing space to guide your journey to discover your Divine Essence. What began as a Hot Yoga and Pilates Studio to teach people how to manage chronic pain, has evolved into a place for rebirthing the soul through strengthening, healing, transforming, releasing trauma and expanding consciousness. I am a lightworker and gridworker, here to collect and integrate soul  fragments and pieces, to teach ceremony and share remedies for preventing and healing illness.


I work with frequencies in the auric field and Energy Lines within and without the body and practice Shamanism with deep humility for the sacredness of Mother Earth, the medicines and ancestral teachings. I amplify and channel Reiki Source Energy for healing, supported by the crystals, crystal bowls, my drum and Spirit Guides. My job is to teach you strategies for accessing the power of your mind and empower you into a new way of living in your Truth. 

The foundation of transformation begins with a decision to MOVE and take ACTION. I teach Meditation, Yoga, Pilates and Pain Management specializing in Hatha, Raja and Vinyasa Yoga grounded in the Baptiste Methodology that we are ALL COMPLETE and WHOLE and there is nothing deficient. My job is to rebirth the soul and reconnect you to an awareness of your Perfection, Power and Intuitive Gifts. I am also a proud Mom, Pain Warrior, Egg artist, writer and a former French and Special Education Teacher in Toronto, Ontario. I am no longer the person I used to be, indeed, I hardly recognize myself after decades of peeling away trauma to accept and embody who I really am and my purpose on Earth. 


*I am Monica Sparking River. 


*I am a Medicine Woman. 


*I am Midwife of the Soul.


*I am Keeper of the Golden Thread. 


*I am Little Bear. 


*I am Keeper of Symbols of the Cosmic Egg of Life. 


 *I am here to anchor in the crystaline light body of my forest to the greater Earth Crystal Grid and connect the forest with the Golden Thread and help cleanse the Earth. 


Throughout my life, I have been fascinated with healing and staying healthy with Earth medicines and have become a closet herbalist. I have a mini apothecary in my homeThis came about because the medical system failed me and my family, unable to offer relief from severe and ongoing pain. No one had answers and the diagnosis and treatment options seemed to cause more problems than provide answers. I can tell you all about chronic pain disorders and rare diseases, and ways to create a new relationship with pain and what it teaches us. 


I was prepared for being of service from an early age when I prayed to help people struggling with depression, despair, self-hatred, eating disorders, trauma and pain - everything I wanted to heal within my 14 year old self. I wanted to lead people into JOY by going back to the Earth, to be with the animals, to connect with the soil, the trees, the plants and water - to connect with ALL they were capable of being. 


The Universe heard my prayers! Little did I know that being of service meant my Life Path would become a series of trials and challenges that would bring intense and chronic pain. I always knew I was being prepared for something - and after deep extensive healing work, now I am able to articulate it.

The Spirits and my Star Family have given me sacred Medicine Names which I only use in Ceremony, always connecting with the flowing River of Life and Grandmother Cedar.  None of the labels I claim, nor my healing, has come without a cost and I lay them out here in humility, knowing that I live in this time and offer a safe space for healing and healing services only by the Grace of the Universe, of God Source. I am grateful for the opportunity. 


With Loving Kindness, 

Monica Sparking River