Thai Massage
Have you tried other forms of massage but they do not feel it is deep enough or effective? Thai Massage combines shiatsu and Tuina Massage and is fondly known "Yoga done to YOU." Thai massage is practiced traditionally on floor mats and clients remain fully clothed. Monica offers Thai Massage using hands, forearms, elbows, knees, feet to compress muscle tissue and release fascial tissue.


1. Improves Sleep: Relaxes Muscles and Relieves Pain

The combination of stretching action and gentle massage relaxes and lengthens tight muscles. It a reduces sensation of knots or stiffness which cause pain

2. Increases Muscle Flexibility & Circulation

The yoga stretching actions stretches the muscle to the sustainable point. This improves the muscle tone and flexibility. Circulation is improved throughout your body.

3. Improves Joint Motion

The stretching action improves the movement of fluids (such as lymph, synovial and cerebrospinal) in the space between joints.

5. Relieves Musculoskeletal pain

Tight muscles can put pressure on the joints and nerves, cause musculoskeletal pain such as back, leg, neck or shoulder pain. Thai massage releases pressure in joints and allows them to fall back into proper alignment, relieving pain.

6. Improves Immunity

Improved blood circulation helps to bring more oxygen to the muscles and to remove waste products and toxins from the tissues. This increases immunity diseases and enables you to feel better, longer.

7. Promotes Mental Relaxation

Relaxes the body and mind to release emotional or mental stress

9. Reduces Fatigue

Massage and stretching can effectively reduce body soreness and fatigue

10. Improves Sleep Challenges

Naturally soothing to the mind and body, Thai Massage helps you to sleep better and alleviate disturbed sleep patterns.

Do you want to learn how? Thai Massage Workshops

Monica Watson offers workshops or semi-private classes to teach you the principles of Thai Massage so you can help yourself or your loved ones to manage stress, tension and pain.


Sound Healing

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.”


Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls, is highly effective for dealing with pain, anxiety, emotional paralysis, sleep disturbances, addictions, difficulties communicating with others, mood swings and major life events. We naturally say that we feel "out of sync,"  or "out of tune," with ourselves or those around us. When we feel "in tune," we are at the top of our game, ready to take on the world!

Sound and Vibration, Vocal Expression, Shaking Medicine and Dancing have been used by the ancients and the indigenous peoples universally throughout time. We are innately created by waves of vibration that have taken on physical form and substance.

Ever notice that you "feel" a truck on the road before you hear it? Or do you sense the sound of a bass in a building down the street if they have a party? Vibration travels deep and affects us emotionally and physically. 

In a Sound Healing experience, you will experience Crystal Bowls, Drums, Chimes, Tibetan Bowls, and other vibrational instruments that calm your nervous system, ease tension and release stress. The vibrations and guided relaxation Monica offer will relax you into very deep states of relaxation and meditation. 

Your parasympathetic nervous system comes online and states of extreme trauma response can be released when the energy field around the body as well as within the is entrained to a harmonic wave pattern. Sometimes there is emotional release through crying, wailing, coughing, sneezing, shaking that happens involuntarily as the body resets itself to a state of balance. This is part of healing. Animals naturally shake off stress and trauma. Humans need encouragement to do so!


 Sound Healing taps into the evolution of consciousness, neuroscience, the quantum physics of matter and the direct effect of vibration in every cell in your body. It is about Remember the sacred sounds and awaken your profound wisdom within your heart.

Smudging with Sacred Medicine and Essential Oils are used during this session with your agreement. 

Reiki and Therapeutic Touch/Energy Healing

Remember when you fell on your knee and you immediately clutched it, rubbed it, and maybe you have someone "kiss it better?" Energy healing is something we all can do, but it is harder to do it for ourselves. We need the gentle, caring touch attention of an objective person to generate the power to move energy toward a harmonized sDo you feel out of sync, that you are not able to really feel good in your own body? That something is "off," and you can't put your finger on it?  Do you have recurrent nightmares or dreams that disturb your sleep? do you experience pain and anxiety or constant stress? 

Energy healing is a method of easing the energy field around your body. Monica sets the intention fo the healing session with you and will guide you into meditation. By using the natural energy lines and chakras in the body, Monica focuses her hands around your body, with very little or brief gentle touch that is guided by intuition. The energy field is also known as the aura, and the aura emanates out from the body in layers that interconnect with each other. 

Energy Healing is a connects your spirit to your soul. It is a clearing of the aura and the chakras with light and love and intuitive sense of what is needed. Essential Oils, Sound and crystals may be used. Monica will offer gentle touch with your agreement along the energy lines of the body to reset and balance the nervous system, bringing a state of clam and releasing pain, depression and stress.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that involves engaging the Archangels, Angels, the Healing Spirits and Ascendant Masters who have evolved to a higher vibrational dimension. Monica offers Reiki as patterns of concentrated light energy with intuitive guidance for your Highest Good. Smudging with Sacred Medicine and Essential Oils are used during this session with your agreement. 


Biofield Tuning/Chakra Clearing


Biofield Tuning and Chakra Clearing is a meditative sound healing session using Tuning Forks to harmonize the chakras, to calm and restore the body. Chakras are areas of the body where the nervous system bring many nerves close together.

Tuning Forks are used to sweep the energy field around your body and also as a means of offering Sonic Acupuncture with vibration instead of needles.


​Like Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls, Biofield tuning is highly effective for dealing with pain, anxiety, paralysis of emotions, sleep disturbances, addictions, difficulties communicating with others, mood swings and life events.

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