Pilates and Yoga Centre
*Healing & Transformation*

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schedule a healing session.

*Hot GAMA Power Yoga:   Monday & Wednesday 7:30pm

*Inferno Hot Pilates:         Tuesday 5pm (Room Temp)

*Mom and Baby Core Semi-Private 12:30pm

*Inferno Hot Pilates:         Thursday 6pm

Gift Certificates & Accessories/Essential Oils Sale


Private'Semi-private Coaching/Training & Massage

Arranged on an individual basis.

USUI REIKI Certification LEVEL 1&2: 

TBA In-Studio -    ONLINE TBA Dec. 2020/Jan 2021


Just like you,

GAMA PYC is Transforming and our website is too! Thank you for your patience!

Practice with free instructional videos online!

Yoga & Pilates; Build Resilience!
*GAMA Power Yoga, Yin Yoga
*Inferno Hot Pilates, Core Pilates


Co-Ed, Semi-Private, Private Options

All levels Children, Youth, Adults

-Connect with others and ease stress

-Increase core strength, tone

-Sculpt cleanse, tone muscle

-Increase flexibility

-Release pain and sleep better 

Covid-19 and GAMAPYC. Only 6 participants permitted in the studio. $20

cash for a hot class. Current member pricing option available.

Online Classes!  Message for info Packages TBA

Reiki, Kundalini Reiki
Soundbaths and Biofield Tuning
Thai Massage & Myofascial Release

Shamanic Energy Healing 

Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Diamond Reiki

-Ease stress, anxiety, pain depression and addiction with deep guided meditation and relaxation remotely or in person. Monica Watson has extensive training and experience in help you reconnect and reawaken to your intuitive ability to heal yourself. 

Group Soundbaths on request 

Virtual Soundbaths TBA 

Restorative Reiki Healing with Soundbath and Biofield Tuning

Training, Coaching &
Certification, NLP

Life Coaching and Personal Training

for the Whole Family

-Raise Your Light Vibration

-Pivot Successfully and align yourself to your soul purpose.

-Access Intuitive Empowerment

-Learn the power of Breath

-Deep Healing and Transformation Coaching

-Yoga Teacher Training

-Certify in Reiki, Kundalini Reiki

-Master Meditation and Mindfulness

Our studio is a dynamic and

safe healing space dedicated 

to empowering community

and supporting your journey

into a new way of being.


Sweat. Relax. Have Fun!






Dear Community; 


* GAMA PYC is transforming. Due to the pandemic, I have been led to pivot to lead more trainings and healing retreats and events, and to expand and deepen my own daily meditation and healing practices. Changes have demanded that we rise to adapt to an increased level in intuitive living to improve our mental health and well-being. My new programs under GAMA Healing & Transformation Coaching as "Monica Sparking River" will help you heal,  overcome personal blocks, release trauma and integrate your mind, body and soul to manifest what you WANT into your NOW.* Thank you for your votes of confidence! I am grateful beyond measure and I truly LOVE this amazing GAMA community! #togetherwearestronger 

Monica Watson, Founder GAMA PYC 



 Re: 6 Week Personal Transformation Challenge:

Dear Monica:   This 6 week challenge has gone by so fast it is hard to believe that it is over. It has been a transforming journey. I came to this challenge looking to help myself be "better" this spring. Everyone is friendly at your studio and it so nice to have laughter and smiles, no fear and no intimidation. I have personally grown in physical strength, flexibility and energy both physical and spiritual/mental. I turned over my veggie garden by hand something I never would have attempted before this. The best thing about it was I had no pain after. Sure I was tired but no pain killer pills. [...]


YAHOO! Your meditation at the end of class has made me much more mindful of my actions and reactions in daily life.

You are so positive.  :-) Thank you Monica for challenging me and helping me to change my life.  C. Kemley