When conventional approaches to healing are not enough, the ancient practices using vibrational frequencies and connection to Source is a powerful way to shift your vibration and your ability to heal. I have worked with people experiencing what one might consider a nervous breakdown to people with old trauma that has not been resolved to those who are just curious and receive deep rest when they have insomnia and anxiety, thoughts that never go and those with intense grief, either from family breakdown or death. I have experience and training Time Line Therapy, Sound Healing, reiki modalities and shamanic practices that are the roots of shamanic healing. I now also offer kambo, frog medicine, sananga and sacred Nunu. I learned these practices to help heal myself, the medical system is amazing but have not yet fully embraced the power of the soul to heal the body. We are meant to live in the present, not in the past. 💜🙏 Fast track your years of psychotherapy and add a healing session with me. 🙏Let me know if I can help.  Enjoy your practice!    Metta, With Loving Kindness, Monica Sparking River❤🙏