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*Trauma Informed Instruction for 

First Responders and Military

and people with a history of

post-traumatic stress.*

WELCOME home to GAMA Pilates & Yoga and Sparking River Healing, Transformation and Coaching. Here you will cultivate your fitness and  inner power, gaining tools to access and master your Energetic Anatomy. Embody the life you envision. Peace, ease, abundance, and joyful relief from pain and stress is yours to claim. You are ready NOW.

Yoga Practice

Class Descriptions

Low Impact HIIT Bootcamp

Inferno Hot Pilates


A chal­leng­ing workout based on pilates, HIIT and Weight Lifting foundations. Sculpt & Sweat in a room heated 90-98 degrees. Have FUN, TRANSFORM, EASE PAIN, Create the glutes of your dreams! 

Daily Essentials to Transform

Pilates Core Pilates

Focus on essential inner core strength exercises to improve posture. balance and create long, lean muscle. A fun way to feel grounded, release muscle stress, pain, improve joint mobility and feel amazing!

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Awaken your inner healer as you relax and connect to your breath with a guided healing meditation Through a few relaxation poses, sound and breath, open space for peace, rest and healing.

Generate the Energy Vortex

HOT GAMA Vinyasa Yoga

Cleanse, Destress & Strengthen your Body & Immune System! For Beg. to Adv. yogis, Transform. Strengthen your immune and nervous systems. Elevate your consciousness to the state of Harmony. You are powerful!

Release Pain & Stress Gently

Roll & Relax: Myofascial Release

Ease pain & tension with balls and breath. This guided slow restorative yin style class eases muscles tension in the neck, back, arms and legs. Sleep and perform better!

GAMA Movement & Breath

Yoga for Anxiety and Pain Relief 

Guided movement with yoga, developmental movement and mat pilates to ease pain, stress and tension in your body. Explore breath technique for release of depression, pain, and emotional tension.

Due to the current pandemic

some classes are offered 

as a workshop or series

and not on the regular

weekly schedule at this time.

Are you dying to experience

a particular class that is not on the schedule?  

Please contact Monica

for the updates and request 

a series or workshop.


"As a first responder, I realized that as the years went by I needed to develop better coping skills. I needed to take care of myself at the very core and challenge myself physically. There's always room to grow."   

 Detective Constable Susan B.

Forensic Identification Services


Dear Monica;

I'm being posted to Edmonton and I hope I can still find time for yoga. In regards to your healing class, I found that in my training I mostly focus on strength, endurance and power but very little focus is placed on stretching correctly and recovery, I found your classes really helped supplement this. Also I found it to be really relaxing and therapeutic, it really helped me unwind at the end of the week. I've recommended it to a lot of my friends. 

Private Sam H.